Thursday, 10 January 2013

A house of a group of friends: The Michelberger Hotel, Berlin

A new year brings with it a burning desire to plan as many holidays as physically – and most importantly, financially – possible. At least that’s the case for yours truly. At present, in no particular order I have New York, Stockholm, Thailand, Italy, Turkey and Paris in mind. So far. And out of the bunch only two have a 99% chance of materialising, while the rest are just up in the air could-be ideas.

When speaking to friends about holiday plans, Berlin popped up – a place where some of us plan to visit or have already visited. I belong to the latter. We discovered that we’d all stayed at The Michelberger Hotel, or were planning to. We either have incredibly similar tastes, are super cool people, or there are no other hotels/hostels left in Berlin.

It’s the perfect blend of hotel meets hostel, inspiring interiors for a very modest price; a place not just for sleeping. If you haven’t yet discovered this little gem, fear not – take a peek at my post at the Glass Magazine… 

Here are a few photo teasers for now:

Images by James Mackenzie