Thursday, 21 November 2013

Gucci Parfums Chimes for Change

Committed to its role in the global community through their continuous philanthropic efforts, Gucci Parfums has partnered with The Perfume Shop this Christmas offering a £2 – or €3 for our European counterparts – donation to the fashion House’s Chime for Change initiative with each purchase of selected Gucci fragrances. The community behind the Chime for Change campaign continues to convene, unite and strengthen the voices of girls and women all over the world by raising funds and awareness towards this goal – their empowerment.
In line with the three pillars of the global campaign – Education, Health and Justice – consumers are given the choice of which key area they would personally like to channel their donation, empowering patrons to contribute to projects that bring positive changes to the lives of girls and women across the globe through their purchase. Fragrance faces Blake Lively, Evan Rachel Wood and James Franco will also take an active role in helping to build awareness around the campaign.
From the Chime for Change concert in London this summer to the House’s most recent donation incentive, we’re certain that Gucci’s relentless efforts will surely light the way towards positive progress and change.

by Roxy Mirshahi

Images: Gucci

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Designer Spotlight: Lulu Guinness

Fashion and art have always shared a common bond. With an almost symbiotic relationship, the connection between the two is stronger than ever before and the lines becoming increasingly blurred. This connection is fortified by ever-popular collaborations with artists lending their creativity and style onto an unsuspecting fashion world. 

One fashion designer who is a clear advocate of art is Lulu Guinness OBE. There is a reason why her unique and glamorous Collectible bags are described as “tomorrow’s treasures”. Living by her motto Dare to be Different, Lulu’s strong personal style and original vision has played a huge part in her success. Her most recent project with street artist Joseph Steele and creative art agency Beautiful Crime sees the fusion of fashion and art in a very explosive way.

Glass caught up with Lulu Guinness to discuss her views on fashion, art and her new project.
The Lulu Guinness Paint Project with Beautiful Crime artist Joseph Steele launches on July 11 with an interesting live event – talk us through the concept of the project and what we can expect.
I previously worked with Beautiful Crime artist Fin DAC for the launch of my limited edition Eye clutch bag, so when I heard about a new artist they were working with – Joseph Steele and his conceptual approach to using paint and explosives – I approached them again to see how we could make works of art out of Lulu Guinness bags. 

The concept has been to create beautiful bags which look just as great framed on a wall as they do on the arm of a glamorous girl on the red carpet. Working with Joe has allowed us to do just that, with his innovative and experimental techniques which are unique to him. I’ve not come across anyone who can use paint in such an impactful way, not since Anish Kapoor. He’s not afraid to push the boundaries.

What inspired you to turn bags into artworks?
Art is everything to me. It’s all I think about. All of my collections draw on art for inspiration in one way or another so it was a bit of a no-brainer really! It was only a matter of time before the two fused together. I like a challenge, and exploring new techniques, so Joe and I made the perfect partners in crime. 

Do you feel your handbags an equal balance between fashion and art? If so, how?
I think in this case they are pretty equal, yes. I believe what Joe and I have created are works of art in their own right. This line of 180-limited edition bags are the first ever of their kind, in that no two bags are the same. We’re both very proud of what we’ve achieved and hope everyone else likes them as much as we do.

You have done many brand collaborations throughout your career. What are the challenges of working with other creatives?
I love working with other like-minded people so I see it as more of a pleasure than a challenge. Working with other creatives is an excellent way to learn and grow as the best ideas, more often than not, come to fruition after brainstorming with other people.

Images: Lulu Guinness

Each unique bag will signed and numbered by Lulu Guinness and Joseph Steele, and will be available here from July 12.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Bronze Goddess by Estée Lauder

If there’s a beauty collection that is synonymous with summer, it would have to be Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess collection. Launched each year with a theme that evokes a heady dose of sunshine and all things paradise, this year’s collection is inspired by the tropical hues of the Caribbean.

Beautifully packaged in gold cases, sunset hues and vivid bursts of colour transform a wintry complexion into a summer-ready one – eyes seduce with shimmering aquatic hues and glistening golden tones, lips entice through bright pinks and corals, while skin is given a sun-kissed glow with matt and liquid bronzers, and illuminating powder gelée, which can be worked up to create a highly pearlised look. Housed in the classic semi-transparent golden bottle, the rerelease of Eau Fraiche Skinscent couldn’t be more welcomed – fresh, floral, and with a hint of coconut, the luscious soft scent emanates pure summer perfectly. 

Conjuring the intoxicating sensation of shimmering waters, soft sandy beaches and the scent of tropical air, the collection covers everything you’d need to transform yourself into an enviable Bronze Goddess.

Bronze Goddess 2013 Colour Collection

Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent £45.00
Pure Colour Illuminating Powder Gelée in Heat Wave £30.00

Pure Colour Long Lasting Lipstick in Fuchsia Fever £19.50

Bronze Goddess Hilary Rhoda 

The Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess collection is available now with prices starting from £14.50.

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Friday, 10 May 2013

To dine for... Absolut Elyx Single Estate Feast at HIX

“The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it…I can resist everything but temptation.” Oscar Wilde took the words right out of our mouths when we heard about the new bespoke menu at HIX-inspired by Absolut Elyx – the new single estate, handcrafted luxury vodka.

Absolut Elyx, recognised as the world’s best vodka awarded by the prestigious San Francisco Spirit Competition, and HIX, renowned for its unique take on British seasonal cuisine, are collaborating to create a series of bespoke dinners at the original HIX site, the Oyster and Chop House. Both are known for their use of the best quality ingredients and a meticulous eye for detail – to say we’re in for a treat really wouldn’t cut it. 

With a menu boasting produce sourced from the finest single estates around the UK, each of the five courses are married to a specially created vodka cocktail to create the ideal combination for a truly indulgent experience. A taste of what you can expect? One offering: marinated Manx queenies with cucumber and wild chervil teamed Smoking in the Sea cocktail – smoked (that’s right) Absolut Elyx with lime and falemum, strained over cucumber and wild chervil iceberg. Refreshing, unique.

HIX menu

Marinated Manx queenies with cucumber and wild chervil

New Forest meringue

Elyx martini

 The Abosult Elyx Single Estate Sharing Feast is available at the HIX Oyster and Chop House on 20th May, 3rd June, 17th June and each month until December 2013. The five course dinner is available for £70 per person and can be booked here

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Thursday, 9 May 2013

N°5 Culture Chanel at Palais de Tokyo

There is no need for any attempts at defining it figuratively or descriptively – N°5 is a perfume that travels afar. It crosses countries, gardens, books and artistic movements, spanning all periods with knowing assurance. First launched in 1921, the perfume is a mere 8 years away from celebrating its centenarian and will have an exhibition dedicated to it on 5th May for a month at Palais de Tokyo.

With the support of Chanel, a beautiful garden designed by Piet Oudolf – whose recent projects include the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London and the High Line in New York – provides the introductory setting to the exhibition. The exhibition itself will examine how the famous fragrance is linked to specific historical events, art movements and personal experiences of Coco herself via visual art, photographs and archive objects.

Loved by multiple generations for its timelessness and embodiment of all things Chanel, Coco simply yet poetically describes the perfume as “a perfume with the scent of woman.” An exhibition not to be missed by Chanel and fragrance aficionados alike.

Gabrielle Chanel in a hotel suite at the Ritz in Paris, 1937. Photo François Kollar ©

N°5, Extrait, CHANEL by Daniel Jouanneau & Didier Roy

Exhibition runs from 5th May – 5th June.
For further information visit the Palais de Tokyo website.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

& Other Stories

Scandis really know how to do things well. On second thoughts, well is a bit of an understatement – more like tick-all-the-boxes well – and things referring to fashion. Causing a stir in the fashion industry since last autumn – and quite rightly so – H&M’s new brand & Other Stories has finally opened its doors in London. Synonymous with the best of fashion, the store is well-situated in a listed building on Regent Street – the perfect place to start sharing their stories.

With offerings of shoes, bags, accessories, beauty and ready-to-wear designed by ateliers in Paris and Stockholm, women with a love for fashion are able create their own style with pieces that reflect their personality. A defining factor for & Other Stories is their strong emphasis on a woman’s look as part of a bigger picture, hence a strong beauty and lingerie destination areas as these are the first and final touches that make a women feel confident in her style.

From masculine tailoring to feminine chic, carefully selected materials are key ingredients in every piece in order to create lasting wardrobe treasures, all with us ladies in mind so that we can build our own stories to share with the rest of the world.

The Lake & Stars Jumpsuit £65

Tailored Shorts £39

Open Back Dress £55

Beauty destination at Regent Street store

Bat For Lashes DJing at the launch night

For more information take a look at their website

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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Paris Fashion Week: Jean Paul Gaultier AW13

ean Paul Gaultier decided to present next season’s collection in his historical home, the Salle Wagram, where we saw some of his most memorable collections of the eighties and nineties – around the time when Madonna and the conical bras designed for her launched him into the fashion limelight. 

Like invitations, the choice of location can also lend itself as a foreword to the collection, and from this choice it would be safe assume there will be some sort of trip down memory lane – that it was.

There were long, flowing pleated skirts, modified marinière stripes and a myriad of furs in the form of coats and trenches. The pointy bra did of course make an appearance in shapely peplum jackets, though this time it was more akin to body armour. 

Doused in nostalgia, the collection had a punk-esque, glam rock vibe to it as the models sported scruffy David Bowie slash Ziggy Stardust mullets and layers of leather. As a whole it felt more like variations of his iconic pieces as opposed to a fun, new take on them - simply put, it was a reel of his heyday moments in fashion.


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Paris Fashion Week: Comme des Garçons AW13

Push it and push it even further. This is what Rei Kawabuko does season after season. This time however she takes us to infinity, or to be more precise, “the infinity of tailoiring,” as said by the Japanese designer herself. 

Presented in a warehouse in the lively arrondissement of Le Marais where creatives sleep, the catwalk was tight and compact, bringing the audience as close to the model as possible. The suits – with the term used very loosely, for Kawabuko’s creations closer to pieces of art – featured cascading swatches of fabric, rosettes, bows and swelling shapes, which are in fact built into the very nature of the suits themselves as opposed to mere decorations. 

Volume and silhouette – also at the root of many other notable collections in addition to tailoring – were blown out of proportion with meaty shoulders, ballooning sleeves and protruding waistbands from both front and back to the point where models had to precariously turn to the side to let the other pass.

The ensembles came in Prince of Wales check, houndstooth and City-Boy pinstripes, all in monochrome. To begin with. Then came the eye-smacking prints bursting with colour, which were designed by outsider artist Daniel Michiels, all in tailoring as abstract and deconstructing as before. One could say the final colourful pieces were a reminder that life really is not black and white. And it goes without saying fashion, too.


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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Paris Fashion Week: Acne Studios AW 13

Avant-garde and urban contemporary designs have always been at the forefront of Acne Studios, and this season is no different. After showing in London for a number of seasons, Acne decamped to Paris this time creating a collection that takes apart fashion as we know it and celebrating its rich history.

Jonny Johansson embarked on a tripartite collaboration together with Musée Galliera, Paris’ fashion museum, and Katerina Jebb, whose speciality lies in innovative photographic techniques creating photomontages. Enamoured with the insides of the antique clothing, Jebb scanned these to be used as prints for collection, lending it an abstract air. 

There was a focus on tailored and deconstructed silhouettes, paired with flowing layers. Suit jackets were accented with metallic leather patches, trousers were baggy with exaggerated turn-ups and outerwear came in the season’s favourite oversized proportions. Though brutal and harsh in shape, the colour palette softened the looks with coral tones and cerulean blue.

There was certainly a great deal going on in the collection and may appear lacking in focus at some points, but that was the point – to be experimental and brutal with it – which was met with a thunder of applause.


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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Paris Fashion Week: Balmain AW13

Olivier Rousteing revelled in the spirit of couturiers like Paul PoiretChristian Lacroix and of coursePierre Balmain, all of whom took Paris by storm in the late 70s. Even if you put them all together, the result still wouldn’t match the exuberance of the young designer’s collection. 

Rousteing is renowned for his love of extreme silhouettes, and this season he embraces it even further to unfathomable limits. Sharp and defined shoulders lead to even more defined waists before flaring out yet again into billowing harem trousers and draped miniskirts – the perfect balance and complement to the hourglass figure. 

Embellishments were heavy in detail – quilted leather was encrusted with jewels, while strips of leather were woven into an enlarged check resembling tweed. Some of the tailoring leaned a bit too much on the stiff side, though this was balanced with draped silk charmeuse miniskirts and fuzzy angora knits. The collection may seem over-the-top and a bit too bling-bling, but if anyone can make it work, it’s Rousteing.


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Thursday, 28 February 2013

M.A.C: Archie’s Girls

M.A.C is no stranger to quirky collaborations and the brand certainly knows how to do them well. Past partners have seen the likes of BarbieLiberty of London and more recently, Wonder Woman. Following the comic book theme, M.A.C’s latest collection is inspired by Archie’s Girls – namely Betty and Veronica who are rivals, besties and involved in an enduring love triangle with Archie – it’s tough being a girl...but gorgeous make-up helps.

The two distinct colour collections are named after the two ladies – sugar-sweet peach and bubblegum pink personifies the wholesome blonde-next-door Betty, evoking soft, innocent sexiness. Spoilt rich girl Veronica meanwhile offers a “deep and seductive” colour palette of dark berry and blackened plum – as bold and daring as the dark-haired diva herself. The make-up collection covers everything you would need to doll yourself up with, from creamy lipsticks and pearly powders to make-up brush sets with packaging showered with hearts and the characters’ faces. So, which one are you? 

Archie's Girls Veronica Ronnie Red Lipstick £15.50

Archie's Girls Betty Lucky in Love Pigment £18.00

Archie's Girls Betty Optimum Black Opulash £15.50

Archie's Girls Veronica's Blush Pearmatte Face Powder £21.50

The collection is currently available exclusively in Selfridges but will become available nationwide in M.A.C stores from March.

Prices start from £11.

Images: M.A.C

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

London Fashion Week: Christopher Kane AW13

Before we delve into Christopher Kane’s autumn/winter collection, let’s take a step back and reflect on the designer’s recent decision to sell a 51% stake to PPR, the group which also has stakes in Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent. It is safe to say Mr Kane has joined the fashion echelon. Naturally, many would opt to think that there will be great changes ahead, however the mini-kilts that powered down the catwalk – a brief acknowledgement of his roots – is perhaps his way of letting us know that he will be doing things his way.

Offering an exuberant excess of 60 looks in the collection, Christopher Kane presented an eclectic range of styles, fabrics and ideas to his audience – including François-Henri Pinault, chief executive officer of PPR. He took us on a journey from fur trimmed camouflage coats and kilts, feather spliced outerwear and rosettes, through to brains fizzing with creativity exploding over cocktail dresses. 

The journey was a beautiful narrative of his achievements – a collection inspired by his archive and injected with even further luxe. Perhaps this was his way of bidding adieu to the former Christopher Kane, before launching himself high into the fashion stratosphere, above and beyond.


by Roxy Mirshahi

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