Sunday, 18 November 2012

Barbican's Rain Room

At some point in most of our lives there's been a time when we've been caught out in the rain - without a brolly - soaked to the skin. Brrr.

The other day though, I was strolling leisurely in the rain yet remained completely dry. Well, that must be because you had an umbrella I hear you say? WRONG. I was in fact at the Barbican's newest art installation called the Rain Room. It's a very clever concept actually, incorporating art with science and technology, and the magic only comes alive through audience interaction; when you walk into it.

It's the strangest feeling; as you stand on the edge of the rain you think to yourself, "there's no way it'll stop raining...I mean, how does it even work?? Surely I'll get wet!". You don't get wet. Unless you run around like a loony boon (very tempting were it not for the other 4 people allowed in the room and the Barbican staff watching...). The folks at the Guardian have kindly provided this video explaining how it all works, so I don't have to...

Not too shabby, eh? Make sure you don't miss it! It ends 3rd March  2013, and yes there is a queue but it's definitely worth it. After all, it's only here you can control the rain - and you can leave your brolly at home (if it's not raining in the real world, that is).

Here's some photos I took earlier:

Where the rain begins and ends... nice and dry!

My friend mocking the rain...!

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