Sunday, 8 July 2012

Blogs and Zines - Spoilt for choice.

When you're in need of some fashion/cultural/lifestyle inspiration, you needn't look far these days. Whether it be on the shelf of a newsagents or a click of a mouse away, you're guaranteed to find something that will fulfil your needs.

Magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, to name a few, are like a nation's favourite dish - though on a global level. Some of the more recent blogs and zines could be compared to new culinary delights - they look good on the outside but will it give you food poisoning? Okay so maybe that's a bit extreme as a comparison (forgive the food analogy, I'm starving!) But that's how new classics begin. It's an outlet for creative individuals and in time could become our daily bread, to the hope of their founders! 

My daily bread never really changes, only grows I suppose. Here are a few of my current ones, both print and e-based:

Glass MagazineTrendlandHUH  and Frankie are great all-rounders for fashion/photography/music/art/design/stuff and more. HUH even has a shop in Dalston.

Hunger is a new fashion biannual magazine from the makers of Dazed & Confused and AnOther, expecting some good stuff! For each issue they release both a male and female cover - take your pick! 

As for Rodeo, it's all in Swedish, but it looks promising

So, what's your daily bread?

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