Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A pretty good way to spend a day off.

I was very lucky to have my day off on the sunniest and warmest day we've had in a long time last week. Moreover, the joyous weather stuck around for just one day! I felt bad for everyone else stuck at work...but hooray for me! 

Anyway, I've been itching to go to a gallery lately and seeing as I'd already been to the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern (which was better than I had anticipated - you really must go!) I felt like going somewhere a bit more discreet but which would also satisfy my gallery itch - the Saatchi Gallery was the perfect antidote! There's nothing like the soft murmurs of an art gallery or museum - waves of calm, peaceful thoughtfulness hanging in the air - unless you're at the National History museum of course, which lends itself a more, hmm, vibrant experience! My favourites from the Out of Focus exhibition was the dreamy/surreality/beauty of Berndnaut Smilde, Phoebe Rudomino and the winner of the Google Photography Prize. 

While my hunger for art was satiated, the hole in my stomach wasn't! We had a brief interlude at their cafe for a ginger beer before heading to Mishkin's in Covent Garden - one of my favourite little restaurants in London. G&T to share with a dash of elderflower cordial, tasty salt beef and Reuben sandwich (we ordered one of each and shared - the best way to avoid food envy...) with dill pickles and chips, followed by a gooseberry fool - hit the spot nicely. last fully satisfied!

*wearing floral jumpsuit, Japan - grey ribbed cardigan and double faced watch, Urban Outfitters - black rope necklace with gold twin hearts, Sabrina Dehoff - ballet pumps, Topshop.

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