Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Get your bake on...in a cute apron!

Baking. It's like alchemy or some other sort of scientific experiment. I love cooking and baking, but in different ways. With cooking, if you follow a recipe you can pretty much guarantee it's going to taste good (unless you're like Bridget Jones, who follows instructions but still ends up with "Blue soup") Baking however, is a different kettle of fish. Your silky smooth cake batter may taste oh-so-good (huge fan of licking the bowl) but what comes out of the oven may not look - or taste - like the one in the picture.

Anyway, my brother just got back from a trip in Orlando and he surprised me with a super cute apron set from Anthropologie - something which has been on my wish list for a while. There I was expecting just a keyring from SeaWorld...score! This calls for some extra special baking! Which brings me to...

I often get cravings for Ferrero Rocher, especially since my brother flaunts the regular, massive boxes he gets from his girlfriend (he doesn't even share..what a meanie!) And then, oh!! (← that's a cartoon moment where a light bulb goes on above your head) Ferrero Rocher cupcakes it is!! After ploughing through all of the different recipes on google, I found one that seemed worthy of giving a go. Fast-forward to the moment of truth - my scientific experiment/baking session = success! Moist, hazelnutty chocolate goodness with smooth and crunchy textures throughout. Tastes as good as the real deal. I wonder if my apron gave me special powers... possibly my best sweet treat so far.

Retraction - my brother shares...on occasion... So I let him have a cupcake or two too, along with some other friends.

Here's some other deliciousness I made earlier:

 Cherry Bakewell Cake
Layered Raspberry, Marscapone and Disaronno Cake
 Kuma-chan pan (Cute Little Bear Bread)
 Blueberry Sour Cream Cake with Cream-cheese Frosting

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