Sunday, 17 February 2013

London Fashion Week: Antipodium AW13

Fashion Week is all about being seen and seeing, right from the pieces worn by models on the catwalk to the audience’s choice of wear, all of which are under constant scrutiny. Creative director Geoffrey Finch cleverly uses this act of surveillance as his inspiration for Antipodium’s AW13 collection. With Sex, Lies & CCTV as the theme of the show, Antipodium peeps breathlessly into private worlds and presents a contemporary uniform of modern classics deftly subverted – clothing fit for a life under constant watch of the eye of the camera lens.

While designs were decidedly prim with polo necks and soft preppy collars, outfits hinted the underlying sexuality of the draped female form underneath – tough masculine outerwear in patent leather and faux pony hair fabrics were juxtaposed against a subtle flash of flesh and translucent silk shirts. 

Known for their instantly wearable pieces, what sets them apart are the delightfully jarring colour combinations, which echo street lights and city life – acid brights paired with softer hues of pistachio, tobacco and velvety reds together with icy metallics, all in cleverly clashing textures.

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  1. Such a great show. You can see my pictures here
    Great blog by the way.