Sunday, 10 March 2013

Paris Fashion Week: Jean Paul Gaultier AW13

ean Paul Gaultier decided to present next season’s collection in his historical home, the Salle Wagram, where we saw some of his most memorable collections of the eighties and nineties – around the time when Madonna and the conical bras designed for her launched him into the fashion limelight. 

Like invitations, the choice of location can also lend itself as a foreword to the collection, and from this choice it would be safe assume there will be some sort of trip down memory lane – that it was.

There were long, flowing pleated skirts, modified marinière stripes and a myriad of furs in the form of coats and trenches. The pointy bra did of course make an appearance in shapely peplum jackets, though this time it was more akin to body armour. 

Doused in nostalgia, the collection had a punk-esque, glam rock vibe to it as the models sported scruffy David Bowie slash Ziggy Stardust mullets and layers of leather. As a whole it felt more like variations of his iconic pieces as opposed to a fun, new take on them - simply put, it was a reel of his heyday moments in fashion.


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